Billing and Cancellation Policy

Rates are available on request

Minimum Fees and Responsibility for Payment

There is a three-hour minimum charge for half day and workers’ compensation mediations, and a six-hour minimum charge for a full day mediation. An invoice will be sent to counsel shortly after the mediation is completed and is payable on receipt. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the time incurred in mediating a civil case will be split equally among the parties. The time incurred in reviewing summary material will be billed to the party providing the summary. As the engagement is between me and counsel, counsel is responsible for payment.

Cancellation Policy

If a mediation is cancelled or rescheduled 7 or fewer days from the date of the scheduled mediation, a cancellation fee of two-hours will be charged for a half-day and workers’ compensation mediations.  Mediations scheduled for a full day will be charged a four-hour cancellation fee if the mediation is cancelled or rescheduled 14 or fewer days from the date of the scheduled mediation.  Mediations cancelling the day of the scheduled mediation will be assessed the minimum billing fees.  Cancellations must be in writing.